Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apparently there is some kind of piracy problem

Being called a pirate makes me want to download everything I can. (Old childhood dream) next to being a vampire, Ninja turtle, and Chuck Norris (all true by the way)

It was said that Dan Browns ‘The Lost Symbol’ was pirated hours before its actual release. It was reported that this was a huge problem; apparently Dan Brown also broke some kind of sales record.

Apparently Kanye West bought all of his family and friends ‘whips’ and he wasn’t talking about Volvo’s either. If having my music/book/movies pirated online means I can buy my family cars……then by all means, steal my music. Jay Z and Beyonce apparently have no problems with music piracy.

NEXT! can suck (it)

I have been trying to make my book as legitimate as possible, I want to sell a lot of books, and I want a lot of people to read my work. I don’t want a lot of people to pay a lot for it. I was going to self publish through but in order to do this, I have to sell it at a ridiculous amount.

Uneditied and minimal chapters, and pages my books is running 15.50 on amazon. com DO NOT BUY MY BOOK (YET)

Selling my book for 15.50 makes me sick, is it worth it? I think yes, but I don’t want people to pay that amount. Also, selling the book for 15.50 on makes me 1 dollar. How ridiculous is that? (If you’ll allow me to use ‘ridiculous’ twice) will allow me to sell the same book, for 13.60 to also make the same amount of money. This is where the price will most likely stay (unfortunately) and anyone who buys it, I thank you and appreciate it.

If I were to pay 40 dollars, I think I can sell my book for ten dollars, which that was my target price.

Eventually I want to start an account with lightning source, and then if I can get away with selling the book cheaper I will. I only want to make a dollar over the price of the book, so I don’t know. Hopefully soonish I can set up with lightning source, and then all those agents who turned me down can suck it. I will sell this book in large numbers, all while giving away free copies too.

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