Monday, September 21, 2009

nice cake!

this is in no way anything to do with anything. but its funny.

This is how I imagine the conversation went.

Wal-mart worker bee:
Hey, welcomes to wal-marts. What you need?

I need a cake, for a going away party.

Wal-mart worker bee:
Coo, we got cakes.

I need it to say, ‘best wishes Suzanne’ underneath that
‘we will miss you.’

did you notice the "underneath that was spelled incorrectly and as two words?

I was emailed this picture. BUT, my wife and I went to a wal-mart, and attemped to purchase a cake, we wanted it to say
‘happy birthday daddy!”
What it said was,
‘happy birt day dady’
And the writing looked like the kid who wrote it had turrets syndrome. Oh and the “happy” you could see he almost spelled it “happi” but gracefully caught his mistake.
If the obvious spelling errors weren’t enough, he paraded the cake out to me and my wife, and presented it, as a job well done.

while at the customer service desk, i made a joke saying "at least the kid spelled 'day' correctly." and was told to shut up and not be mean...........

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