Thursday, September 10, 2009


It makes me sick to my belly, (and it’s a big one)

That I cannot get an agent, or a publisher. I have two publishing houses I would really like to query but they only do mail submissions and you need to send in the whole manuscript. I am not in a position to print out a full manuscript yet.

The starving artist, listed as my occupation (not a joke)

As this goes on, and my hopes and dreams dwindle the rants will get longer and more violent. I do not need two blogs, but is was intended to be my publisher blog, as I am working on starting my own indie publishing company. I figure if I can self publish a book and sell 3k copies a publisher or agent will have to take me seriously.

But has inadvertently become my sports blog.

(I am a huge sports fan)

After I am done with the marketing and editing of Deadman,

*found here

Please do not purchase the book, it needs to be edited.

But you can look at the awesome cover. Please leave comments on your opinions.

Anyway: after I am done with Deadman, I have about six books lined up to be write, including a NaNoWriMo novel, I plan on beginning as soon as November 1rst rolls around.

But they are all in the horror/science fiction genre. I would like to write a football novel, or a basketball one. I have ideas to both.

Anyway I need an agent, if you are interested in representing a zombie/vampire hybrid horror novel set in the late 1600’s in Salem Massachusetts, about a thief named Alaxender (No it’s not a misspelling its spelled like that.) who needs to team up with a local Vampire covenant to destroy an infectious army of blood thirsty zombie like killers, give me a call, or an email

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