Friday, September 11, 2009 is some bunk BS,

When I am finished editing, I will initially sell my book on for only a moment. Till I figure out and then I won’t be happy.

Lightning source will print my book for about 4 dollars. That isn’t bad.

Lulu and createspsace both use the POD lightning source.

To make a dollar from I need to sell my book for $15.30 which is about 5.30 more than I wanted to sell for. I feel my book is worth ten dollars. requires about 40 percent, so from 15.30 405% is about $6.10 that leaves $9.20 which………. Take away the 4 something it costs to print and your left with 5 dollars. Lulu takes $4.10? I get one dollar. LULU.COM literally doesn’t do anything, they just sign your book into and lightning source does all the work.

I guess it makes sense, but if I went to lightning source alone as a publisher, I would get the 4.10 lulu would get, and the dollar. Not to mention, I could sell the book for about 10 bucks, and still only make a dollar if sold on because they would take 40% from 10 to make it, 4 dollars. It would cost 4 to make, and I would walk with 2 bucks.

This would make me more money, and would allow people to purchase the book for only 10 dollars.

Here is the problem; it costs 100 dollars to set up a lightning source account, and 100 more for an ISBN, so I am forced to sell through createspace until make at least enough to pay for lightning source…… ouch. That’s 200 copies…. But I want to sell 3,000 so I will just have to market the crap out of it.

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