Tuesday, September 15, 2009

query of my

Ugh, I have been feeling sick for a while.

Whenever I submit queries, I feel a little sick.
I sent out 4 queries today, I wanted to do more but when I wrote my first query, I sent It to about a thousand agents (exaggeration)
but I did send it to a lot of them.
Which was stupid I know now, because instead of sending less than 5 agents a bad query at least 20 have a bad query which apparently I won’t be able to re-submit.

And the first ten agents I sent out queries to had mistakes and missed periods, I sent one agent a line something close to.
“And thanks (random name) again, for reading my query)
and then something like,
(random name) Mr.
*yes I did put the name before the Mr. it was a saved letter and I put the name in as a form…..
wow Erick good effen game. But you make mistakes so you can learn from them.

Deep down I feel as though I am going to get rejected.
Speaking of rejection my last was brutal
it came with heavy off toned paper,

“Unfortunately this is such a busy time for me that I can really only afford to take on work about which I feel most passionate. I’m afraid that your letter just didn’t inspire me the proper amount of enthusiasm. Please bear in mind that this is only one opinion and I am sure you’ll find someone for whom this is the perfect project.
I wish you every success with this book.

See, I have been a more to love kind of guy most of my life, and when I would come home crying because the pretty girl in school wouldn’t talk to me, my mother would always say something reminiscing this letter.
“Honey one day you will find the perfect girl who you will make happy.”
Well I married a straight fox, and if this letter holds as true as my mother words I’m looking at Stephen King publishing.

Which honestly I wrote a damn good book, sucks for you random agency who wrote that letter. I will get the last laugh.

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